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With over 35 years' experience, Chamber Translation Services is a professional language division run by the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce and accredited by the British Chambers of Commerce.

Our team of translators are highly experienced in a vast array of business sectors and will help you to break through the language barrier. We can assist you with any interpreting request. We specialise in the translation of business documentation to include legal interpreting, technical interpreting and commercial interpreting, ensuring that you are communicating effectively in the international market.

Whether you need consecutive interpretation or a phone interpreter for a business meeting, a team for a business conference or ad hoc interpreting services or need to fulfil the urgent demands of your clients and partners. We’ll have the right solution for you.

Interpreting Services

Conference Interpreting

Our conference interpreters can work in over 120 languages, meaning we can provide you with the perfect interpretation team for your conference, available face-to-face or over video and telephone for events around the country.

We have extensive experience interpreting for many events, including sales presentations and other corporate conferences with an international scale. We also have a great track record with providing consecutive interpretation for smaller events and meetings.

The size of your event and the number of foreign language speakers present determines the scale of our simultaneous interpretation operation.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is a time-consuming process than other types of translation, but it allows for a greater degree of accuracy. Rather than talking along with a speaker as in simultaneous interpretation, a consecutive interpreter will listen intently while a speaker is talking, and relay their translations to an audience during gaps between sentences. A consecutive interpreter can often take notes whilst the speaker is talking in order to provide as precise a translation as possible, but beyond any writing implements, no additional technology or equipment is needed.

This form of interpreting is most commonly used for more intimate meetings, as well as interviews and other events where the majority of the audience speaks the same language, albeit one which is different from that of the speaker.

Simultaneous Interpreting

In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter renders the message in the target-language as quickly as he or she can formulate it from the source language, while the source-language speaker continuously speaks. Simultaneous interpreting is suitable for in person interpreting, remote interpreting, on demand phone interpreting, multi-lingual conferences, European works council, international arbitrations, diplomatic proceedings.

Simultaneous interpreting requires incredibly high skill levels and preparation on the part of the interpreters. And finally it requires excellent project management to bring all the elements together. We bring together the right skills and technology to meet and exceed your expectations.

On Demand Telephone / In-house Interpreting

Suitable for all sectors and budgets, our telephone interpretation services can be accessed at your convenience, providing on-demand language experts to meet the needs of your business.

As with most forms of interpreting, telephone interpretation can be conducted in consecutive or simultaneous form. Most of the time, it is carried out as consecutive interpretation. This requires regular pauses in conversation in order to allow the interpreter to repeat what has just been said, in the target language, before the other person responds.

Pre-arranging a telephone interpreting service through the Chambers translation and interpreting team can allow us to pass on any necessary background material that your interpreter may need. This will ensure that we can give you the most accurate telephone interpretation service we possibly can.



Your business can trust the Chamber’s reliable team of translators, which are leading Birmingham-based interpreting service providers with decades of experience

Fully managed

From start to finish and throughout, our translations services projects are fully managed – saving your business time and money

Quality Interpreting

The Chambers translations service’s blend of expertise, talent and commitment to high quality translations services is at the heart of our work

Frequently asked questions

Yes. The Chambers translation and interpreting team, has more than three decades of experience across all sectors from event organisers, corporate, HR, government and the public sector, legal, and AV companies. The chances are very good that we have interpreters with experience in your sector, just ask. But really, our easy adaptation to different sectors and sub-sectors is just as important as our sector list. Our interpreters are experienced specialists; we assign them to jobs based on their proven performance.

Simultaneous interpreting requires such intense concentration, interpreters work in teams of two. Each interpreter translates for no more than 30 to 45 minutes at a stretch. Our project managers can advise you on the right amount of language resource for your conference.

Translation is written. Interpreting or Interpretation is spoken. They’re very different skills: we offer both.

Yes. Our Chamber translation and interpreting team, provides a comprehensive, specialised service. We don’t just book interpreters, we:

  • Provide a level of service that is tailored to the specific requirements of your event
  • Draw on 30 years of experience, ISO 9001:2000 qualification and robust company processes
  • Ensure that the interpreters chosen for your job have proven experience at meetings in your sector
  • Offer complete confidentiality


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